TEXT: Habbakuk 3:2

For there to be revival in the church of God, the church must become very prayerful. It is only prayers that can bring about the expected TURN AROUND that will make the church stand out in the power of the Spirit.
1. Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me. Bless His Holy name. Psa 103: 1
2. Thank God for a new day and for the salvation of your soul
3. Let us bless the name of the Lord. Truly; it has been of the LORD’S mercies that we were not consumed, because his compassions *has not failed us. Lam 3:22 Psa 34:1
4. Father; send down the fire of revival in your church again, like the days of old , in Jesus name. Habakkuk 3:2
5. Father; awake your church from deep slumber in Jesus name. Isaiah 56:10
6. Father let there be fresh fire, fresh anointing, fresh unction upon your ministers in the church in Jesus name. Acts 2:1-4
7. Father; give new strengths, new live, new energy to your church at this end time, in Jesus name. Acts 4:29
8. Father; release your anointing of healing into your church, let the blind see, let the lame work, let the dumb speak, let the deaf hear and the dead rise in Jesus name. Acts 19:11
9. Let us pray that every inherited strange behaviour and habit in our lives working against our personal revival be destroyed in Jesus name. Jeremiah 31:29
10. Powers of darkness in (put your country, e.g. Nigeria) working against the revival of the church be destroyed in Jesus name. Daniel 10:13
11. Powers of darkness in (put your country) working against the revival of the economy of my (put your country) be destroyed in Jesus name. Daniel 10:13
12. Powers of darkness in (put your country) working against my personal and family revival be terminated in Jesus name. Daniel 10:13
13. Father; release you power afresh upon your church, such that members will have genuine experience of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues in Jesus name. Acts 2:4
14. Father; The secret of power is waiting, release grace to wait upon us until the Spirit be poured from on high in Jesus name. Isa 32:15
15. Father, let the gift of the Holy spirit begin to manifest afresh in churches in (put your country) in Jesus name. 1 Cor 12:4-11

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