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Enoch Adejare Adeboye welcomes you!

The life of Enoch Adejare Adeboye is a fulfillment of the scriptures in Zechariah 4: 10 which declare, “despise not the days of small beginnings”. Born in 1942 into a humble family in the village of Ifewara, Osun State located in the South-western part of Nigeria Enoch Adeboye often humorously states that his family was so poor that even the poor people called them poor. As a matter of fact, he unashamedly tells his congregation that he never owned shoes until he was eighteen years of age. What he possessed though were physical intangibles such as focus, consistency, diligence, ambition, a brilliant mind and a determination to succeed in life. In 1956 Enoch Adeboye was admitted into Ilesha Grammar School, Ilesha, Osun State, Western Nigeria and as a youth he discovered a passion for books, and an aptitude for science and in particular the field of Mathematics. This led to an academic journey in the field of Mathematics against incredible odds including but not limited to finances, the Nigerian Civil War and academic politics. By the time he was done, Enoch Adeboye had obtained not only a Bachelors (BSc.) degree in Mathematics from the University of Nigeria, Nnsukka, Nigeria in 1967, but also a Masters (MSc.) Degree in Hydrodynamics and a Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Applied Mathematics, both from the University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria in 1969 and 1975 respectively. One of the motivations for these academic achievements was Enoch Adeboye’s passionate desire to become the youngest Vice Chancellor (University President) of any one of the frontline Universities in Nigeria. It did seem that his academic ambition would be realized as his academic career flourished. However, this was not to be as a greater career awaited him in the service of the Lord. In 1967 Enoch Adeboye got married to his beloved wife Foluke Adenike Adeboye (nee Adeyokunnu).

Jesus Christ said



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Lord JESUS, I pray today, you that has kept me and mines this far will keep us till the end in JESUS name. (Amen) @PastorEAAdeboye 158 191
Lord JESUS, I pray today, you that has kept me and mines this far will keep us till the end in JESUS name. (Amen) Comments Amanda Ngozi Ogbonna Thank you Lord for keeping me, my family, your chosen Daddy Adebayo and his family and my friends till this ...Rotimi Adeoti Amen,God continues keeping me nd my family,Give us reason to say Thank u.has my wife is bringing her seventh day ...Olorunfemi Adebayo Folashade Thank You Lord for you have kept my hubby, children, brothers, Sister-in-law, mum and I alive up till date. May ... PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE
Bishop Francis WALE OKE
Holy Ghost Convention 1987.
Then we needed about 2-3 microphones before we could effectively teach the Word of God, but now it's all memories that emphasises Matthew 6:33.

Join us again this year as we teach the Word of God ...
Comments Ogochukwu Edmund Nwangbakor NDI NNA .Ekele diri chineke na unu Zara oku ma noosikwaa ike na will surely be explosive with the ...Eunice Ibilola Thank u lord for ur word is fulfiled in RCCG,that the glory of the later house shall be greater the ...Adigo Braimah Akinola Our God is awesome. The pastor in d middle is pastor wale Oke. Wonderful end time generals. PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE
Leke Adeboye
"On the day when anyone really, really needs to pray – woman or man – you won’t need Adeboye to tell you how long to pray." Kidnappers, armed robbers & ritualist have all testified to this great phenomenon
Comments Falola Abimbola Leave them. Aja to ma sonu ko ni gbo fere olode (O da bi owe sir) Words of elder is ...Fekolujo John Truly in tempestuous situations, even when people are advised to stop praying and start praising God because He has answered ...Omolara Alaba Leave them alone oh in this perilous time when fathers are impregnating their daughters mothers sleeping with their sons .Those ... PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE
I find it very interesting that most people don't like the disciplined lifestyle in RCCG and our way of running... @PastorEAAdeboye 73 104
I find it very interesting that most people don't like the disciplined lifestyle in RCCG and our way of running this salvation race. But when they need miracles, deliverance then they remember where we are located. Comments Trish Eyinju In the Bible, the people who sought miracles from Jesus, were NOT following Jesus, the called on him while he ...Victor Udotai Ignorance daddy. They need more prayers. RCCG stands Righteousness and Holiness. Thank God for our Father in the Lord who ...Bokang Ntlatlapa jesus forgave an adulterous woman.Jesus forgave Simon Peter,Jesus forgave Zachaeeus.i dont remember him reminding them of their sins.thats why i ... PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE
PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE updated their profile picture. Comments Olatunji Adenike o yes lord becos u can do all thing,I put all my trust in u, do let me put into ...Remi Samuel Yes daddy sir, Father Lord , pls that which only you can do in my life,family and situations do oh ...Adebimpe Kaffilat Ifelola Yes that is why you are called Jehovah, you are the Lord that never fail those who put their trust ... PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE
Once you notice God has done something good for you, praise Him. And if you praise Him more, He will do more. If... @PastorEAAdeboye 194 224
John 10:9-11 KJV
I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find...
@PastorEAAdeboye 67 83
Everything I said about marriage I meant it. That is for everybody. Just like living holy and making sure you make heaven. @PastorEAAdeboye 260 242
In all your prayers focus on God not any man or woman. Becauae what they can't do, God can do and even more. @PastorEAAdeboye 199 211
#NoMoreLosses  in my Life in JESUS name 
#NoMoreLosses  in my Life in JESUS name  +1s 36 0 0 Pastor E.A. Adeboye

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Whatever may be on your heart, no matter how big or small the burden, someone is waiting to stand with you in prayer. My God answers prayers.