13 days to go...
Every statement God has uttered concerning your life will come to pass in Jesus Name.
#AndGodSaid #RCCGConvention
One of the biggest lies you can tell your yourself is that the Grace of God is a License to sin...snap out of it, God is not mocked.
14 days to go...
Every impossibility in your life will become possible in Jesus Name.
#AndGodSaid #RCCGConvention
Daddy says; every organ in your body that has been damaged shall be replaced in Jesus Name.
Before the end of this year, expect a visitor of joy in Jesus Name.
15 days, that's 2 weeks and a day to the 2019 Annual Convention of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. .
PSF Programmes will be held at the Prayer Foyer of the 3km by 3km auditorium at Shimawa.
You ...
Implement an effective and regular study plan of God’s word and begin to do the work It teaches in your daily life.
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Lord Jesus, please inflict unbearable nightmares on those holding Leah Sharibu hostage until they release her in the name of Jesus.

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