The Fire of God will Fall in Jesus Name.
You are Invited to the Festival of Life Happening in Islands of Seychelles, Themed: Let the Fire Fall on Thursday, 23rd of May 2019. God bless you as you join us from anywhere you are around the world.
Join me tomorrow morning Live on Instagram & Facebook for an In depth review of the Open Heavens Devotional.
God’s standard is entrenched in His word. No matter how much the world changes, the standards which God’s word set for man to live by cannot be changed.
@lekeadeboye you shall continue to grow from strength to strength, no evil shall be fall you. As your name implies, God will lift you far above your widest Imaginations in the name of Jesus. Happy Birthday Son.
We bless the name of the Lord for what he is doing in India and how far he is upholding the church. It is my prayer that The Nation of India will be saved and all will come to the ...
Its time for the Fire of Revival to fall in Thailand. Join us at Rama Convention Centre & the Church of Christ of Thailand on the 19th & 20th of May 2019 Respectively for the Festival of Life. As you ...

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