Sweet Holyspirit, Please comfort the affected families and heal their land in the name of Jesus.
Genesis 27:28-29
May God give you from heaven water on the grass in the early morning, and the riches of the earth, and more than enough grain and new wine.May nations serve you, and the people bow down in front ...
Happy [email protected] , Senior Pastor @kiccengland.You will continue to grow from Glory to Glory & from strength to strength in the name of Jesus.
Whatever your Prayer Request is, I connect my faith with yours wherever you are in world, My Daddy will settle you in the name of JESUS.
Our Hearts are with the Victims of the Itafaji Building Collapse & New Zealand Terror AttacksWe pray that the Holyspirit will comfort those that have lost loved ones by virtue of these events in JESUS name (Amen).
In the name of the one who is called the word all your problems will be no more
In the name above every other name, you will not die barren.

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