Congress 2014: Day 2


Prayer Points

1. Praise Him in advance for what He’s about to do now. Just praise Him.
2. Father, in this crowd, please visit me tonight.
3. Father, please touch me now. Touch me now.
4. Father, please speak a word into my life right now. Lord speak a word.
5. Father, please restore me to full health. Absolutely full health.
6. Father, reverse the irreversible in my life. Anything that seem impossible to reverse, please reverse Lord.
7. Father, let it be tonight and not tomorrow.

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Dorathy Tom Wilson
Dorathy Tom Wilson
8 years ago

Please man of God I believed in the word an by the power in the blood of Jesus I pray for God healing an I was diagnosed of HIV I know there is nothing God cannot do I need your prayer please sir I need my healing I know he has heal me right from now you’ve gotten my message I received my healing through Christ our lord Amen

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